Italian Film Festival 2021

Now in its 22nd year, the ST. ALi Italian Film Festival presented by Palace returns to cinema screens with the best new Italian films as well as classics of Italian cinema from Vittorio Di Sica, Luchino Visconti and a retrospective of restored versions of Roberto Rossellini masterpieces.

Highlights include the Opening Night film THE TIES - imagine the Italian version of Marriage Story stretched out over 40 years; Nanni Morreti’s (Dear Diary, My Son’s Room) THREE FLOORS, direct from Cannes, about multiple families residing in a comfortable Roman apartment complex and TO CHIARA - Winner of Best European Film at this year's Cannes Fest Director's Fortnight.

You can browse the digital version of the full programme by downloading the pdf (7.5mb).

ST. ALi Italian Film Festival 2021 - Campari Presents: Fellini Forward E18+
Campari presents this special event screening of a Campari short film followed by Fellini Forward, direct from its Venice Film Festival debut. Join us for a Campari and soda on arrival and a Campari tote bag.
ST. ALi Italian Film Festival 2021 - Young at Heart Selection M
Join us for a glass of prosecco and popcorn courtesy of Feros Care at selected screenings of Vittorio de Sica’s endlessly romantic and much-loved 1664 classic, Marriage Italian Style, starring the inimitable Sophia Loren.
ST. ALi Italian Film Festival 2021 - Closing Night E18+
Join us for a limoncello cocktail and Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream as we say arrivederci to the festival with Roberto Rossellini’s stunningly restored classic Rome, Open City.
IFF21 Stromboli E18+ From: Sep 15, 2021
Stromboli | A devastating portrait of a woman’s existential crisis, set against the beautiful and forbidding backdrop of a volcanic island
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IFF21 When Mum is Away.with the Family ALL AGES From: Sep 16, 2021
When Mum is Away…with the Family | An entertaining Christmas-themed sequel to the 2019 Festival hit 10 Days Without Mamma, the misadventures of the Rovelli family are bac
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IFF21 Amore E18+ From: Oct 20, 2021
Amore | An anthology film centered on two separate women both played by Anna Magnani, L’Amore tells the story of love and loneliness through two short films
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IFF21 Three Floors M From: Oct 20, 2021
Three Floors | A new drama from Nanni Moretti traces the disparate lives of three families who reside in the same apartment block in Rome's stylish Prati neighbourhood.
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IFF21 Three Perfect Daughters E18+ From: Oct 20, 2021
Three Perfect Daughters | Three friends and brothers-in-law, Arturo, Antonio and Sergio, are confronted with the same problem, their daughters are dating.
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IFF21 Tigers M From: Oct 20, 2021
Tigers | An enthralling drama about the considerable cost of excellence in a world where everything, and everyone, has a price tag, the dark side of professional football
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IFF21 To Chiara M From: Oct 20, 2021
To Chiara | A searing, gripping and remarkably poignant drama about a Calabrian teenage girl who learns some difficult truths about her close-knit family.
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IFF21 The Leopard PG From: Oct 20, 2021
The Leopard | Claudia Cardinale stars as Angelica Sedara, the beautiful fiancée of the nephew of the Prince of Salina, laying the cornerstones of her career
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IFF21 The Predators E18+ From: Oct 20, 2021
The Predators | The Pavone and Vismara families are complete opposites. One bourgeois and intellectual, while the other proletarian and Fascist.
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IFF21 The Ties M From: Oct 20, 2021
The Ties | Naples, early 1980s. The once-happy union between Aldo and his wife Vanda is ruptured one evening when Aldo admits, unprompted, that he has been unfaithful.
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IFF21 You Came Back E18+ From: Oct 20, 2021
You Came Back | Festival favourite Stefano Accorsi stars as a man torn between the past and future in psychological thriller You Came Back
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IFF21 Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell PG From: Oct 20, 2021
Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell | During World War II, an Italian villager (Italian beauty Gina Lollobrigida in an award-winning role) befriends three American soldiers.
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IFF21 Cam's War E15+ From: Oct 20, 2021
Cam's War | Set in the future, in a world where wars & devastating natural disasters have destroyed all human infrastructure and plunged the world into a dark savage age.
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IFF21 Everything's Gonna Be Alright E18+ From: Oct 20, 2021
Everything's Gonna Be Alright | A touching personal story from director Francesco Bruni, follows a man forced to reevaluate his relationships in the face of illness.
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IFF21 Glass Boy ALL AGES From: Oct 20, 2021
Glass Boy | The story of 11-year-old Pino who is trapped in a small town and fed up with a life that is always the same. Confined to his family’s huge and elaborate villa
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IFF21 Hidden Away E18+ From: Oct 20, 2021
Hidden Away | The son of an emigrant Italian mother, Toni is deported from Switzerland after his mother’s death.
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IFF21 If You Care For Me E18+ From: Oct 20, 2021
If You Care For Me | A man with a knack for accidentally setting off catastrophes decides to help his friends but causes more trouble in this bittersweet comedy.
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IFF21 Journey to Italy PG From: Oct 20, 2021
Journey to Italy | Among the most influential films of the postwar era, follow the declining marriage of a couple from England on a trip in the countryside near Naples.
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IFF21 Like a Cat on a Highway 2 E15+ From: Oct 20, 2021
Like a Cat on a Highway 2 | See the return of Paola Cortellesi and Antonio Albanese as foul-mouthed, tattooed Monica and radical chic intellectual Giovanni
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IFF21 Marriage Italian Style M From: Oct 20, 2021
Marriage Italian Style | In Vittorio De Sica’s ode to complicated love, Marriage Italian Style, the formidable Sophia Loren plays Filumena, a penniless prostitute
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IFF21 Padrenostro E18+ From: Oct 20, 2021
Padrenostro | Rome, 1976. Valerio is ten years old. When he and his mother witnesses the attack on his father by a terrorist group, his childhood is turned upside down
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IFF21 Paisan PG From: Oct 20, 2021
Paisan | Set during the liberation of Italy at the end of World War II and taking place across the country from Sicily to the northern Po valley
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IFF21 Paolo Conte - Via con me ALL AGES From: Oct 20, 2021
Paolo Conte - Via con me | An enthralling documentary following the life and work of Italian singer and composer Paolo Conte
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IFF21 Rome, Open City E18+ From: Oct 20, 2021
Rome, Open City | A profound drama about the Nazi occupation of Rome and the brave few who struggled against it
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IFF21 Sirley E15+ From: Oct 20, 2021
Sirley | Director Elisa Amoruso’s semi-autobiographical fiction debut chronicles a young girl’s plight as she strives to make sense of her place in the world
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IFF21 Fellini Forward E18+ From: Oct 20, 2021
Fellini Forward | This is a one-of-a-kind film documenting the process of making a short film and asks the question, what if technology could revive an artist’s legacy?
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