Scandinavian Film Festival 2018

Celebrating the best in Nordic cinema exclusively at Palace cinemas, the Volvo Scandinavian Film Festival will offer a strong program this year curated from across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland. The host of Australian premieres represents the high calibre and original cinema from the Nordic region, including award-winners recognised both at home and abroad.

Special Events:

Wednesday 18 July | Opening Night - Under the Tree | 6.15pm EASTEND

Wednesday 25 July | Special Event - Amateurs | 6.30pm PROSPECT

Scandinavian Film Festival Opening Night: Under the Tree MA15
Wednesday 18 July | Scandinavian Film Festival | OPENING NIGHT: Kick off the festival at Palace Nova Eastend, enjoy a sparkling elderflower cocktail and live music before the film screening. 6.15pm EASTEND
Scandinavian Film Festival Special Event: Amateurs MA15
Wednesday 25 July | Scandinavian Film Festival | SPECIAL EVENT: Join us for an entertaining evening at Palace Nova Prospect, enjoy a Sofi Spritz cocktail on arrival. 6.30pm PROSPECT
SCA18 Under the Tree MA15 From: Jul 18, 2018
The shade from a front-yard tree brings the already simmering tensions between two families to boiling point, in this hilariously astute black comedy. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 Thelma MA15 From: Jul 19, 2018
A student, Thelma, moves to Oslo where she discovers that she has terrifying powers in Joachim Trier’s Oscar nominated psychodrama. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 A Moon of My Own MA15 From: Jul 19, 2018
The astonishing rise to fame in the 1970s of singer Ted Gärdestad is chronicled in this music-filled biopic from the director of A Man Called Ove. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 Bergman Revisited R18+ From: Jul 19, 2018
On his 100th birthday anniversary, some of Sweden’s most prominent directors including Tomas Alfredson craft short films inspired by Bergman’s universe. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 Darling MA15 From: Jul 19, 2018
A captivating film with a superb Danica Curcic in the lead, Darling follows a world-renowned ballerina caught up in a love triangle. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 The Real Estate R18+ From: Jul 19, 2018
After a life of decadence financed by her father, Nojet inherits an apartment building, but what appears to be a cash cow is in fact a curse. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 Border R18+ From: Jul 20, 2018
Border tells the story of customs border patrol officer Tina, and a mysterious traveller that upends her world. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 A Horrible Woman R18+ From: Jul 21, 2018
Winner of Best Screenplay and Best Actress at the Danish Academy Awards, this provocative comedy cleverly explores a dysfunctional relationship. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 The Swan R18+ From: Jul 21, 2018
A young girl is sent to mature and work on a farm after shoplifting, but there finds herself deeply entangled in an adult drama. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 The Saint Bernard Sydndicate R18+ From: Jul 22, 2018
Two entrepreneurs set out on a business adventure to try and make their fortune in China’s lucrative pet industry in this film about misguided ambition. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 Word of God R18+ From: Jul 22, 2018
Changes threaten the peace in a 1980s suburban Danish household, when the family’s pyjama-clad patriarch and self-appointed “God” sets out to write his memoirs. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 Ravens R18+ From: Jul 23, 2018
In 1970s Sweden, a young teenager, Klas, dreams of escaping the harsh life on the farm eked out by his parents and generations before them. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 Law of the Land R18+ From: Jul 23, 2018
Taking place on both sides of the Swedish-Finnish border, a policeman gets caught up between his two sons trying to kill each other in this western thriller. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 What Will People Say R18+ From: Jul 27, 2018
A Norwegian teen clashes with the traditional values of her Pakistani emigrant parents in this compelling Award-winning drama. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 Becoming Astrid MA15 From: Jul 28, 2018
The early life of much-loved children’s writer Astrid Lindgren, who would go on to create Pippi Longstocking, is explored in this heartfelt drama. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 While We Live MA15 From: Jul 28, 2018
Inspired by true events, this Danish Academy Award nominated drama from Mehdi Avaz follows four people in Northern Denmark and how their fates intertwine after. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 Winter Brothers R18+ From: Jul 29, 2018
Winner of Best Film at the 2018 Danish Academy Awards, the routines, habits, and rituals of two brothers working in a remote mine are ruptured by a violent feud.SUBTITLED
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SCA18 U-July 22 MA15 From: Jul 29, 2018
Award winning director Erik Poppe crafts a harrowing drama depicting the 2011 attack on Utøya island, Norway shot entirely in one take. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 Valley of Shadows MA15 From: Jul 30, 2018
A critically acclaimed hit, this Scandinavian Gothic mystery follows a young boy who leaves his remote Norwegian village and ventures into the forest. SUBTITLED
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SCA18 Heavy Trip R18+ From: Jul 30, 2018
A young man tries to overcome his fears by leading his small-town Finland heavy metal band to a massive music festival in Norway, in this breakout hit comedy. SUBTITLED
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