Beyond Utopia

Beyond Utopia

Beyond Utopia

A family of five attempt a dramatic journey from North Korea to freedom, painting a devastating portrait of life under an oppressive regime.

South Korean Pastor Seungeun Kim uses an underground network to rescue North Korean defectors who’ve make the hazardous trip across the Yalu River into China. Time is of the essence – if the Chinese authorities find them, they will be returned to face severe punishment. When the pastor hears of a family, including two children and a grandparent, in hiding he rushes to help. The family embarks on a treacherous journey wherein their understanding of the West is consistently challenged, revealing much about their repressive homeland. Director Madeleine Gavin’s prize-winning documentary, packed with hidden camera footage, is consistently gripping and totally unforgettable.
Rating: CTC
Runtime: 115 mins
Director: Madeleine Gavin
Actors: Pastor Seungeun Kim, Soyeon Lee, Hyuchang Wu

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