Compartment No. 6

Compartment No. 6

Compartment No. 6

(Hytti nro6)

Cannes Film Festival Gran-Prix winner and “one of the best films of the year” (Vulture), Compartment No. 6 is an unconventional love story that takes place as two strangers share a Russian train journey through the Arctic Circle.

A young Finnish woman escapes an enigmatic love affair in Moscow by boarding a train to the arctic port of Murmansk. Forced to share the long ride and a tiny sleeping car with a Russian miner, the unexpected encounter leads the occupants of Compartment no. 6 to face the truth about their own yearning for human connection.

★★★★★ "One of the best films I've seen so far this year. A stunner. " - Glam Adelaide

★★★★½ "It’s an experience. Don’t miss it." - ABC Radio

★★★★ ”I didn’t want this train journey to end”. - Paul Byrnes, SMH/The Age

★★★★ “Beautifully believable performances . . . rivalling the nuanced naturalistic charm of Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy in Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy... like a balm for the soul in these tumultuous times.”  - The Guardian

★★★★ “A love story… a total charmer, and will have you reaching for an Interrail ticket immediately afterwards.” - Empire Online

Rating: MA15
Runtime: 107 mins
Director: Juho Kuosmanen
Actors: Dinara Drukarova, Seidi Haarla, Yuliya Aug, Yuriy Borisov

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