IFF21 Paisan

IFF21 Paisan

IFF21 Paisan


Roberto Rossellini’s neo-realistic follow-up to his breakout Rome, Open City is the ambitious, enormously moving Paisan, which consists of six episodes set during the liberation of Italy at the end of World War II and taking place across the country from Sicily to the northern Po valley. Receiving an Oscar nomination for its screenplay, co-penned by the young Federico Fellini, Paisan centres on the interaction between the Allied Forces and Italian people at the end of the war.

“Chillingly blunt, doggedly unsentimental, emotionally overwhelming.” - Cinepassion
“Visually creative, emotionally involving look at the turbulent transition to liberated Italy in 1945.” - Classic Film and Television
"This is a film to be seen—and seen again.” - The New York Times

WINNER – Nastro d’Argento Awards 1947, Best Director, Best Score, Best Film
WINNER – National Board of Review 1948, Best Film, Best Director, Top Ten Films
WINNER – New York Film Critics Circle Awards 1948, Best Foregin Language Film
WINNER – Venice Film Festival 1946, ANICA Cup, International Critics Award – Special Mention
WINNER – Kinema Junpo Awards 1950, Best Foreign Language Film
Rating: PG
Runtime: 120 mins

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