IFF21 Three Perfect Daughters

IFF21 Three Perfect Daughters

IFF21 Three Perfect Daughters

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In this comedy hit set in Rome, Marco Giallini (Perfect Strangers IFF16, God Willing), Vincenzo Salemme and Giuseppe Battiston (The Big Step IFF20) star as three friends and brothers-in-law, Arturo, Antonio and Sergio, confronted with the same problem.
The men’s happy and peaceful life is upended when they learn who their daughters are dating: Valentina, after leaving her fiancé on their wedding day, is now dating the free-spirited girl Alex; Marta’s boyfriend Simone, is a troubled and reckless rapper, and Sara is ready to leave for the US with Luigi, Sergio’s former womanising schoolmate.
Furious with the three girls and convinced that their partners are completely unfit for such perfect daughters, Arturo, Antonio and Poli decide to join forces and do whatever it takes in order to hinder their relationships.
A hilarious comedy from director Rolando Ravello (screenwriter of smash hit Perfect Strangers) Three Perfect Daughters combines laugh-out-loud gags with social criticism to produce an entertaining tale of father-daughter relationships.

"A film ready to entertain.” - Mad Mass

Festivals & Awards
Winner - Comedy Europe Film Festival 2021, Jury Prize, Best Feature Film

Director: Rolando Ravello
Born in Rome in 1969, Rolando Ravello is an Italian actor, director and screenwriter. Ravello had his breakout as an actor in 1995, in Ettore Scola's Romanzo di un giovane povero, while in 2001 he made his directorial debut with the short film La Colla. His 2013 film Tutti contro tutti was nominated in the Nastro d'Argento Awards for Best Comedy, while Perfect Strangers (2016) which he wrote for the screen, boasts 18 international remakes.
Release Date: Oct 20, 2021
Rating: E18+
Runtime: 96 mins

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