Opéra de Paris: Turandot

Opéra de Paris: Turandot

Opéra de Paris: Turandot

Screening at PROSPECT - 11.00am Sun 18 Feb  and  12.00pm Wed 21 Feb 2024

In Peking, a cruel princess renowned for her beauty (acclaimed soprano Iréne Theorin) submits her suitors to three riddles, and the prince who can solve them will obtain her hand and the throne. But alas! So far, all have failed and suffered the relentless sentence: death. Will the young Calaf (fast-rising American tenor Brian Jagde) succeed? Puccini's glorious score, left unfinished in 1924 when the composer died, is rich in modernity and melodic inspiration, as illustrated by the famous aria “Nessun dorma”. Singular American director & artist Robert Wilson’s refined production, crossed with touches of commedia dell'arte, offers striking and hypnotic images.

Genre: Opera, Special Event
Country of Origin: France
Language: Italian, with English subtitles

Rating: CTC
Runtime: 150 mins
Director: Robert Wilson
Actors: Mika Kares, Sondra Radvanovsky, Ermonela Jaho, Carlo Bosi, Brian Jagde

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