SPA24 A Moroccan Affair

SPA24 A Moroccan Affair

SPA24 A Moroccan Affair


Ocho apellidos marroquís

A box office hit in Spain and the third installment in the highly successful Spanish Affair movie franchise (Spanish Affair SPA15, Spanish Affair 2 SPA16), A Moroccan Affair is an entertaining culture shock comedy.

Carmen (Elena Irureta, Patria) is determined to carry out the last wish of José María, her husband and the patriarch of the Díaz-Aguirre family - to recover “Sardinete”, the first fishing boat of his fleet, which is anchored in a Moroccan port.

On her journey from lush Cantabria to exotic Morocco, Carmen is accompanied by her daughter, Begoña (Michelle Jenner, Julieta), and Begoña’s ex-boyfriend, Guillermo (Julián López), who is desperate to win her back.

In Morocco, they struggle to overcome cultural barriers and their lives are upended when they uncover a great scandal concealed by the upstanding family patriarch.

Directed by Alvaro Fernández Armero (If I Were Rich SPA21) this comedy tells a tale of overcoming cultural prejudice with humour, tenderness and a touch of romance.

“Crazy romantic comedy that highlights the cultural differences.” - Acción Cine

Release Date: Jun 12, 2024
Rating: PG
Runtime: 97 mins

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