SPA24 Aire: Just Breathe

SPA24 Aire: Just Breathe

SPA24 Aire: Just Breathe



It is the year 2147 and, in a world devastated by chemical warfare, men are sterile due to a virus leaving humankind almost extinct.

Tania (Sophie Gaëlle Gómez, The House of Flowers), a lonely conservation biologist, is trying to inseminate herself to prevent the extinction of humanity with the help of an AI system called VIDA (voiced by Paz Vega, The House of Snails SPA23). Communication networks have been destroyed and Tania does her work in an underground bunker, as the air on the surface is highly polluted.

Things take a turn when Azarias (Jalsen Santana), one of the last men alive and an enigmatic traveller with a dark past, suddenly appears. He disturbs her safe existence alone with VIDA and soon the tension between the three builds to be as toxic as the world they live in.

The striking fifth film from Dominican writer/director Leticia Tonos Paniagua, her first foray into science fiction, ponders the nature of loneliness, trust and human existence.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Rotterdam International Film Festival 2024

WINNER - Fantastic Pavilion Award, Cannes Film Festival 2023

Release Date: Jun 12, 2024
Rating: M
Runtime: 98 mins

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