SPA24 One Hell of a Holiday

SPA24 One Hell of a Holiday

SPA24 One Hell of a Holiday


¡Vaya vacaciones!

A charming comedy that pays homage to all grandparents, One Hell of a Holiday features an all-star ensemble cast including Tito Valverde, Gracia Olayo, Toni Acosta (Polyamory for Dummies SPA22) and Ernesto Sevilla (I Can Quit Whenever I Want).

Manuela and José are grandparents who love their children and their grandchildren. They love looking after their grandkids, but unfortunately, their adult children have become far too used to leaving their little treasures with them every five minutes.

Indeed, Manuela and José cannot remember when they last had some free time to themselves. To top it all off, they have had to cancel their summer holiday, because their children have an important business trip and need them to look after the grandkids, once again. But before long, they discover the truth about their children’s trip and they’re not happy!

Directed by Víctor García León (The Europeans SPA21), this fresh comedy highlights the excessive load borne by grandparents in a fun adventure for the whole family.

“An irreverent family comedy.” - eCartelera

Release Date: Jun 12, 2024
Rating: M
Runtime: 100 mins

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