SPA24 Rioja: The Land of a Thousand Wines

SPA24 Rioja: The Land of a Thousand Wines

SPA24 Rioja: The Land of a Thousand Wines


Rioja, la tierra de los mil vinos

Directed by multi-Goya Award winner and Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker José Luis Lopez-Linares, Rioja: The Land of a Thousand Wines is a magnificent deep dive into the world of wine and winemaking in the region.

Featuring over thirty interviews with representatives of both big brands and artisan wineries, historians, journalists, cultural representatives and award-winning oenologists, and never before seen access to the entire wine making process, the contribution of new generations to the historic wineries of Rioja is evident.

Bridging its rich tradition and promising future, this documentary showcases the relationship between territory and product, connecting its origins and powerful appeal on the international scene.

Exploring the vibrant evolution of the Spanish wine industry through the human stories behind the vines, with captivating photography and careful editing, Lopez-Linares invites us to immerse ourselves in the world of Rioja wines and will leave you eager to indulge in a glass yourself.

“With a perfect bottling, an excellent taste for the image, for the geography and history.” - ABC Spain

Release Date: Jun 12, 2024
Rating: CTC
Runtime: 96 mins

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