The Blood of a Poet + Testament of Orpheus

The Blood of a Poet + Testament of Orpheus

The Blood of a Poet + Testament of Orpheus

SPECIAL EVENTS Jean Cocteau insisted on calling himself a poet, classifying the great variety of his works – poems, novels, plays, essays, drawings, films – as poetry. Experience two of his greatest works in a rare showing of his classics The Blood of a Poet and Testame More info

Experience two of Jean Cocteau's French abstract masterpiece films for only $15!

The Blood of a Poet - “Poets . . . shed not only the red blood of their hearts but the white blood of their souls,” proclaimed Jean Cocteau of his groundbreaking first film—an exploration of the plight of the artist, the power of metaphor and the relationship between art and dreams. One of cinema’s great experiments, this first installment of the Orphic Trilogy stretches the medium to its limits in an effort to capture the poet’s obsession with the struggle between the forces of life and death.

Testament of Orpheus - In his last film, legendary writer/artist/filmmaker Jean Cocteau portrays an 18th-century poet who travels through time on a quest for divine wisdom. In a mysterious wasteland, he meets several symbolic phantoms that bring about his death and resurrection. With an eclectic cast that includes Pablo Picasso, Jean-Pierre Leáud, Jean Marais and Yul Brynner, Testament of Orpheus (Le Testament de Orphée) brings full circle the journey Cocteau began in The Blood of a Poet, an exploration of the torturous relationship between the artist and his creations.

Rating: PG
Runtime: 138 mins

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