Access & Inclusion

Palace Nova Cinemas actively welcomes and supports people living with disability and diversity in the community.

Palace Nova Cinemas –  Eastend & Prospect

  • Disabled access to all our cinemas through ramps and elevators
  • Disabled toilets
  • Free admission for Carers with Companion Card
  • All cinemas have seats reserved for patrons in wheelchairs. For wheelchair accessible seating options, please email or call the Eastend or Prospect manager at the contact details below. 
  • Palace Nova offers ‘Fidelio’ branded devices to enhance soundtrack for the hearing impaired and describe the action on screen for the visually impaired. Available in selected cinemas and with selected films only.

1) Audio Descriptive – a description of the action on screen for the visually impaired through headsets. It is available on selected films only, and provides a spoken commentary or narration of the images on screen for those who might find it difficult to pick up visual cues due to vision impairment.

2) For the hearing impaired, the device acts as a receiver of the entire film soundtrack: music, dialogue, everything you would normally hear through the speakers.

Just email or call us to discuss the film options available. Patrons are encouraged to provide their own headsets.


PH: (08) 8125 9312


PH: (08) 8125 9313