Art on Screen

ART ON SCREEN: JEFF KOONS. An Intimate Portrait Book Tickets CTC From: Mar 2, 2024
Jeff Koons is widely regarded as one of the most influential, popular and disputed artists of the last 30 years.
EXHIBITION ON SCREEN: John Singer Sargent 2024 Book Tickets CTC From: Apr 18, 2024
John Singer Sargent is known as the greatest portrait artist of his era. What made his ‘swagger’ portraits remarkable was his power over his sitters.
Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse EOS E Book Tickets CTC From: Jul 18, 2024
As Monet said, ‘Apart from painting and gardening, I’m no good at anything’. For lovers of art or lovers of gardens, this is an ideal film.
EXHIBITION ON SCREEN: My National Gallery 2024 Book Tickets CTC From: Aug 22, 2024
The National Gallery of London is one of the world’s greatest art galleries. It is full of masterpieces, an endless resource of history, an endless source of stories.