The Bonfire Horror Club

Welcome to The Bonfire Horror Club! For thousands of years, people have sat around the bonfire telling ghostly tales, and now we continue that tradition in front of the flickering light of the silver screen.

Join your fellow ghouls on the final Friday of every month for a bloody good time. Experience the spine-tingling thrills and chills of your favourite frights on the big screen. You’ll never guess what is waiting for you in the darkness as new scares await from the best new horror films from around the world as well. You might even win a prize or two.

The bonfire is calling YOU.

Join us… if you dare.

Keep the fire burning, and join our Discord to discuss all things horror!

The Bonfire Horror Club presents: The Fly R18+
Be afraid. Be very afraid. Jeff Goldblum & Geena Davis star in the award-winning Cronenberg body horror masterpiece.
The Bonfire Horror Club presents: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre MA15
Leatherface and his family celebrate the 50th anniversary of this gruesome classic!
The Bonfire Horror Club presents: Demons R18
Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava's 1985 supernatural Italian horror film Dèmoni slashes its way into Adelaide screens for the first time in decades!