PG From: Jan 27, 2022
It's never too late to laugh with friends - to fall in love again - and to put the "mean girls" in their place.
CTC From: Jan 29, 2022
Delve into Raphael’s uncanny ability to capture celestial beauty, and to focus his gaze beyond the physicality.
E From: Jan 30, 2022
Musical Director Riccardo Chailly completes the series of interpretations of Giuseppe Verdi’s “youthful trilogy”
R18 From: Jan 31, 2022
Two iconic Stanley Kubrick classics for only $15!
PG From: Feb 1, 2022
A couple's attitudes are challenged when their daughter introduces them to her African American fiancé.
CTC From: Feb 1, 2022
Wu Renyao, who is good at motorcycle stunts, meets his father Wu Renteng whom he has not seen for many years, and embarks on a road trip to the big city.
CTC From: Feb 3, 2022
1st Sgt. Charles Monroe King, authors a journal for his son intended to tell him how to live a decent life.
M From: Feb 3, 2022
Our memories make us. A young boy and his working class family experience the tumultuous late 1960s.
CTC From: Feb 3, 2022
When college freshman Alia returns home for the summer, she discovers secrets and lies in her parents' past that make her question everything she thought she knew.
MA15 From: Feb 3, 2022
Celebrating the joy of being back together with your best friends and a perfectly executed shot to the dingdong, the original jackass crew return for another round.
M From: Feb 3, 2022
A mysterious force knocks the Moon from its orbit around Earth and sends it hurtling on a collision course with life as we know it.
CTC From: Feb 5, 2022
On a glorious Greek evening, screen legend Bill Murray and world-renowned cellist Jan Vogler rock the Acropolis with a timeless mix of music, literature, and poetry.
CTC From: Feb 5, 2022
Olivier Award-winner for Best New Play, LEOPOLDSTADT, written by Academy and Tony Award winner Sir Tom Stoppard.
M From: Feb 7, 2022
One night only - two great anime classics for only $15!
CTC From: Feb 7, 2022
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M From: Feb 8, 2022
A black Philadelphia police detective is mistakenly suspected of a local murder while passing through a racially hostile Mississippi town.
R18 From: Feb 10, 2022
A 17th-century nun in Italy suffers from disturbing religious and erotic visions.
CTC From: Feb 10, 2022
Travis Block, a shadowy Government agent who specializes in removing operatives who's covers have been exposed, uncovers a deadly conspiracy within his own ranks.
M From: Feb 10, 2022
Death on the Nile | Hercule Poirot’s Egyptian vacation aboard a glamorous steamer turns into a terrifying search for a murderer when a couple’s honeymoon is cut short.
MA15 From: Feb 10, 2022
Two years later, Kafuku, still unable to cope with the loss of his wife, receives an offer to direct Uncle Vanja in Hiroshima. There he meets his appointed driver Misaki.
PG From: Feb 10, 2022
A pop superstar is jilted by her rock-star fiancé moments before their wedding at Madison Square Garden, so she marries a random guy from the crowd instead.
CTC From: Feb 10, 2022
An American tourist travels to Australia after a failed marriage proposal. He crosses paths with a local woman and they venture the Nullarbor Plain, headed to Perth.
CTC From: Feb 10, 2022
Acclaimed filmmaker Peter Jackson's "The Beatles: Get Back" is a unique cinematic experience that takes audiences back in time to The Beatles' intimate recording session.
E From: Feb 13, 2022
A romance, a tragedy and a thriller – travel to 19th century Rome with Puccini’s great opera of passion and politics.
PG From: Feb 14, 2022
Two of the best 1980's teen movies, for only $15!
PG From: Feb 15, 2022
A middle-aged playboy becomes fascinated by the daughter of a private detective who has been hired to entrap him with the wife of a client.
MA15 From: Feb 16, 2022
A male stripper teaches a younger performer how to party, pick up women, and make easy money. Work all day. Work it all night.
M From: Feb 17, 2022
Quebec, late 1960s, Sylvette and Anglomard welcome their 14th child: Aline. In the Dieu family, music reigns supreme. When Aline grows up we discover a gift, her
M From: Feb 17, 2022
A documentary filmmaker whose latest project involves gifted children bonds with his smart-yet-sensitive nephew, whose father struggles with bipolar disorder.
M From: Feb 17, 2022
An army ranger and his dog embark on a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway to attend a friend's funeral.
M From: Feb 17, 2022
Demark’s Oscar entry for Best International Feature Film, FLEE tells the remarkable true story of an Afghan refugee who grapples with a painful secret hidden for 20 yrs.
PG From: Feb 17, 2022
On July 11th 1982, Italy defeated West Germany 3-1 and unexpectedly won the World Cup, fulfilling President Pertini's dream to reunite his people.
M From: Feb 17, 2022
Inspired by true events, Jasmila Žbanić’s Oscar-nominated thriller is an unforgettable story about a UN translator attempting to save the lives of her family amid chaos.
CTC From: Feb 17, 2022
Uncharted tells the story of Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and his first adventure with rival-turned-partner Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg).
E From: Feb 19, 2022
ising American composer Matthew Aucoin now carries that tradition into the 21st century with a captivating new take on the story.
PG From: Feb 21, 2022
Two classics from the Golden Age of Hollywood for only $15!
PG From: Feb 22, 2022
James Bond and the Japanese Secret Service must find and stop the true culprit of a series of space hijackings, before war is provoked between Russia and the United State
M From: Feb 24, 2022
Too self-conscious to woo Roxanne himself, wordsmith Cyrano de Bergerac helps young Christian nab her heart through love letters.
M From: Feb 24, 2022
A brilliant young fund manager leaves her unfulfilling job and long-term boyfriend to chase her lifelong dream of becoming an opera singer in the Scottish Highlands.
M From: Feb 24, 2022
She lost her husband, and in the struggle to go on, she gains her freedom.