FFF24 Bonnard, Pierre & Marthe

FFF24 Bonnard, Pierre & Marthe

FFF24 Bonnard, Pierre & Marthe

Bonnard, Pierre et Marthe

Vincent Macaigne and a radiant Cécile de France enrapture in Bonnard, Pierre & Marthe, the beautiful and transporting new historical drama from multi award-winning director Martin Provost (Séraphine, The Midwife) about the turbulent love story between the famous post-Impressionist painter and his lesser-known – but highly influential – wife.

1893. When aspiring artist Pierre Bonnard (Macaigne) - a protégé of Claude Monet - meets Marthe de Méligny (de France), he has no idea that this self-proclaimed aristocrat will become the cornerstone of his life and work; from this moment, she becomes more than just a muse, appearing in over a third of his paintings. Together, over five decades, the couple will explore creative fulfilment, love and jealousies that challenge the standards of the time, as the film interrogates the great mystery around their relationship.

Provost’s vision for this material is clear and concise; what may appear as a traditional account of its subjects soon moves beyond conventions and evolves into something much more resonant and profound. Thanks in no small part to its lead performances (de France especially has never been better), anyone interested in the creative arts should not miss this quite stunning film.


“Carried by its two brilliant lead actors, the film is a vigorous, joyful and refreshing portrait of an atypical couple: an artist and his muse who holds the keys to their bohemian existence.” Cineuropa

“Very beautiful. A luminous portrait of the couple and the artist's life.” Frédéric Strauss, Télérama

Release Date: Mar 21, 2024
Rating: MA15
Runtime: 122 mins

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