GER24 Trace of Stones

GER24 Trace of Stones

GER24 Trace of Stones

A significant entry into the history of East German Cinema, Trace of Stones, released in 1966 and based on Erik Neutsch's novel of the same name, was initially well-received but later faced political controversy.

Set on a construction site, the story revolves around the challenges faced by a group of workers as they attempt to build a new socialist society. The narrative blends elements of drama, humour, and social critique. The protagonist, bricklayer Hannes Balla, played by noted performer Manfred Krug, becomes a central figure as he confronts authority and embodies the struggles within the socialist system.

Despite its initial success, the film faced political backlash in East Germany due to its perceived criticism of the government and its depiction of conflicts within the socialist framework. The authorities banned the film in 1966, and it wasn't officially released until after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Director Frank Beyer never recovered.

Trace of Stones remains an important work reflecting the tensions and contradictions of the time and the political challenges it confronted upon its release.

WINNER - Honourable Mention: FIPRESCI Prize, Berlin International Film Festival 1990
Release Date: May 15, 2024
Rating: E18+
Runtime: 139 mins

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